Third INSeaPTION User Workshop: adressing the global case study


The third INSeaPTION User Workshop was held in Haarlem, The Netherlands, on Sept 25-26, 2018. The workshop provides a basis to identify key user needs of global users and potential scientific methods that INSeaPTION can develop and apply to address these needs. Global users refer to organisations with global concerns such as international organisations supporting development and adaptation, as well as to users whose activity is distributed in many places worldwide, so that the same type of sea level and impact and information is needed in many places.


22 participants from different organisations participated to the workshop. présentations from international organisations (OECD), coastal consulting or reinsurance companies (Royal Haskonning, Deltares, Munich Re), energy supply industry (Electricité de France) presented their views on future potential coastal climate services supporting their activies. Then, break-out groups further discussed needs of sea level and coastal impacts information to support adaptation of critical infrastructures (e.g. Thames River Estuary). The workshop was openened and concluded by Robert Nicholls, scientific Advisor of the INSeaPTION project. Three INSeaPTION project partners were involved in the organisation of this event: IMAU (Erwin Lambert and Roderik Van De Wal), GCF (Sandy Bisaro), and BRGM (Gonéri Le Cozannet).


 Links to présentations: 


Session 1 : The INSeaPTION project
Sea Level rise: state of knowledge: Roderik Van De Wal (no available PDF)
logo PDF INSeaPTION project introduction - Gonéri Le Cozannet
logo PDF Coastal impacts of sea-level rise: a global perspective - Robert Nicholls
logo PDF Case study: the Maldives: Sandy Bisaro
logo PDF Case study: French Polynesia:  Gonéri Le Cozannet


 Session 2: Global decision-making

Introduction to adaptation finance - Sandy Bisaro

logo PDF Public approaches to mobilising private adaptation finance; Lisa Danielson (OECD Climate Adaptation Team)
Decision-making from an engineering perspective; Filip Schuurman (HaskoningDHV) - (no available PDF)
Decision-making: global sea-level rise information needs; Eberhard Faust (Munich Reinsurance) - (no available PDF)


Session 3: National and local decision-making

Introduction -  Roderik Van De Wal

logo PDF Planning for an uncertain future in the Thames Estuary Tim Reeder (former Thames Estuary 2100)
logo PDF Climate services beyond sea-level rise for the French energy sector - Paul-Antoine Michelangeli (EDF)
logo PDF Decision-making for adaptation of the Dutch Delta -Marjolijn Haasnoot (Deltares)


Perspectives - Robert Nicholls (University of Southampton)          

Lessons learned for INSeaPTION Gonéri Le Cozannet


News written by: Sandy Bisaro, Erwin Lambert, Roderik Van De Wal, Gonéri Le Cozannet